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Boost the speed, change the film, control the temperature, cut the scrap, and extend your product's lifetime with OMRON's Perfect Sealing Solution!

Do you want your packaging line to be a real star? Then, you might want to avoid troubles on the different grades of the film, faulty sealing due to heat inconsistencies, incorrect temperature readings, defects in the production line, or a line that is not up to optimal speed. We offer a 5-star Perfect Sealing Solution for vertical and horizontal form fill and seal applications to get you ahead of the pack.

  • Fast Throughput

  • Film Flexibility

  • Filter PID-consistency

  • Failure Prevention

  • Food lifespan

Boost the speed, change the film, control the temperature, cut the scrap, and extend your product's lifetime with Omron's Perfect Sealing Solution!

Get introduced to our sealing solutions and download your 5-star pack:

  • PID whitepaper: learn how our 2-PID algorithm allows a machine to return to a set temperature up to 35% faster;
  • Temperature control in-sync with machine motion whitepaper: Reduce up to 50% the temperature drop when the flow wrap machine starts the sealing process;
  • Simulation of our temperature uniformity filter ‘function block’: watch this simulation video to see how our function block improves sealing quality for large heating plates;
  • Download our Temperature Control Algorithm brochure for detailed sealing applications.
  • Prevent machines stops by Data-driven Maintenance decision-making: watch this video to see how NX-HTC can detect unusual equipment conditions earlier.

Minimize scrap with exact control of seal jaw temperature and AI

Reduce film and food waste on horizontal/vertical flow wrappers machines

Measure and control of the correct temperature

Locate the temperature sensor near the seal jaw surface for exact measurements using our new dedicated E52-2 sensors.

Keep the PID-performance highly consistent with AI

Our Automatic Filter Adjustment Function in our E5_D and NX-TC temperature controllers suppresses seal jaw surface temperature hunting delivering consistent high temperature control performance.

  • Ideal for thinner packaging materials, that are more sensitive to temperature changes

  • Less defects during sealing process

  • AI enables automatic temperature parameter adjustments which usually have been modified by skilled operators (ambient temperature, different plastic film material specs, etc.). It optimizes production quality, minimizes food and film waste, and reduces dependency on hard to find specialists.

Data-driven Maintenance decision-making

Monitor equipment and environmental changes

Providing key process information trends  users can plan smarter maintenance task detecting unusual equipment conditions earlier (i.e heater degradation, wrong sensor placement, powder adhesion on sealing bar surface). NX-HTC automatically converts temperature fluctuations and manipulated variables during temperature rise into feature values.

  • Reduce defect

  • Minimize machine stops

  • Optimize time needed to investigate about reasons for machine stoppage

Increase production and deal pro-actively with machine stops

PID temperature control in sync with machine motion

Direct power control FB (in NX PLC) and pre-boost function(in NX-TC/NX-HTC controller) use machine start signal to prepare the seal-jaw temperature for the soon-coming drop and pre-compensates for that in-sync with the motion of the machine.

  • Higher machine throughput

  • Ready for high-tech packaging materials

  • No more manual PID value adjustments needed to minimize temperature hunting

  • Easier integration thanks to ProfiNet, Ethernet-IP and EtherCAT fieldbus support

Improve sealing quality for large heating plates

Temperature uniformity filter for perfect heat distribution

During forming and sealing processes temperature uniformity is critical when the heating plate is wider. This is caused by the temperature difference between the center and border of the heating plate. Driving multiple heaters independently causes heating interaction between each area of the metal plate. This means that perfect temperature uniformity is almost impossible to accomplish in tray sealers and thermo-form, fill and seal machines with large heating plates.

Temperature Uniformity Filter Function Block

Temperature variations are reduced by controlling temperatures based on the setpoints corrected for each separate heater using the setpoints and process values. 

Eliminate the damaging effect of hot spots by the Temperature Uniformity Filter Sysmac function block for our NX/NJ controllers.

  • Perfect heat distribution on 2D surface to manage more complex sealing profiles

  • Reduce initial PV ramp-up time or SP changes  to improve production capability

  • Minimize temperature drop caused by the loading the workpiece onto the heating area

Customer references

10% faster packaging and perfect sealing quality achieved by Martini

With Omron’s Sysmac machine and NX-TC temperature controllers

No stops for film changes. Not only is Martini’s new HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill and Seal) system 10% faster in production, it also enables automatic changing of packaging films without machine stoppages, saving time and eliminating waste. It’s thanks, in part, to Omron’s new single NJ501-1400 Sysmac Machine Controller, which recently replaced two separate controllers to provide unified control of Martini’s highly popular MLV130 system. A system that now has a double-sealing head and Long-Dwell profile, as well as a volumetric dosing unit for fast, precise weighing.

Read more

Shubham's Flexible Packaging Machines achieve perfect sealing with OMRON technology

Shubham Flexible Packaging Machines is a leader in manufacturing of multi track, collar type and lined carton packing machines, both for customers in India and across the world. Shubham provides flexible and integrated packaging solutions with OMRON's technology for reliability, sustainability and efficiency. This improves factory KPIs across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging processes.

  • NJ101-1000 alt01

    Sysmac controller – NJ1 Series

  • NJ501-1320

    Sysmac controller – NJ3 Series

  • NJ501-1320

    Sysmac controller – NJ5 Series

  • nx prod

    Performance and practicality for machine control

  • NX1 prod

    Information & Productivity in a miniaturized size controller

  • nx7 l prod

    Sysmac controller – NX7 Series