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Keeping Your Operations Running Smoothly

With the increasing demand for more personalised products, traditional mass production lines need to be adapted to respond to the new market needs: wider options to choose from, more customised orders, faster deliveries and still the highest quality standards. In summary, lines need to gain agility.
Key to a successful start to achieve an agile production is optimising your load & unload process. Our aim is to support you on this optimisation journey by evaluating how this process impacts the performance of your operations and provide solutions to improve it.

Our Approach

As a Global Solution partner, we optimise your load & unload process at an enterprise, line and machine level so you can get maximum throughput, availability of your production and guarantee the safety and quality of your product. Contributing to improve the performance of your operations at these three levels we help you maximise profitability and flexibility at your factory floor.

Enterprise Level

Today's challenge is to have a production model that can easily adapt to the highly changing consumer demands at the best cost. Flexible and completely reconfigurable production sites that optimise the flow of goods, stock and WIP are the key to respond to this market trend.

Our Solution

Up to now, conveyors were the solutions to move the goods around the factory but they occupy a large area of floor space, are inflexible, costly, and require high maintenance. Changing this approach to a fleet of robots with smart interconnectivity facilitates your line flow. Delivering what you need, when and where you need it, increases your agility significantly. Our robotics solution not only optimises the flow of goods around the factory but also minimise WIP, reduces scrap, risk of contamination, spoilage, and losses. Optimise the flow of goods, maximise profit!

Benefits of a Reconfigurable Production Line

  • Link assets in production lines

  • Reduce costs through only storing what is needed at lineside

  • Traceability of all stock reduces downtime

  • Reduce trip hazards

  • Prioritize labour to only value-added tasks

Line Level

Consumer’s demand for a wide variety of products increase the pressure on line efficiency and quality standards. Costly and time-consuming line starvation, incorrect packaging causing stoppages and issues with the integrity of containers are some of the biggest losses affecting line throughput and workers productivity.

Our Solution 

OMRON offers a wide array of robotic solutions, not only improving throughput but freeing workers to concentrate on value-added tasks. Our solutions to improve Line Side Replenishment (LSR), eliminate line starvation, human mistakes and optimise the palletisation process. Examples are Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARA) solutions that are tasked with loading bottles or other containers, collaborative robots feeding box and carton erectors, or high speed parallel robotic solutions used to orientate and align-items. Maximise your ROI and line safety, that is the bottom line!

Benefits of Tasking Robots with Non-Value-Add Duties

  • Production maintained improving line OEE

  • Correct package and product combination can be verified

  • Batch label can be added enabling traceability in production

  • Repetitive tasks can be avoided and worker stress reduced

Machine Level

Ecommerce and retail ready packaging as well as late product customisation are concepts that require efficient product handling at downstream processes. Maintaining machine throughput in this scenario where efficient product handling is a must, requires solutions that guarantee highest accuracy and repeatability in pick and place operations, recipe management and quality control.

Our solution

Our wide array of automation and robotic solutions optimise the throughput, availability, and quality to your specific manufacturing setting. We optimise the flow rates and recipe handling through our One controller that takes care of all functionality: motion, vision, safety, and robotics. Our automatic position control of goods embedded in our Sysmac control platform, allows a full conveyor control without damaging products. Deliver retail ready solutions and ship the right products at the right time, in the right way!

Benefits of Machine Functionality Optimisation

  • Robot design suited to environment reducing cleaning

  • Reduced risk of contamination and Health & Safety risks

  • Orientation and sortation optimizing downstream processes

  • Integrated vision inspection and traceability

  • Lower labour costs

  • Improved presentation

  • Flexibility of operation and improved line OEE

See Our Portfolio of Applications

Customer References (Our Technology in Action)

At OMRON, we like to listen to our customers. We could spend all day listening to your needs – it inspires us to come up with new ideas. And because we have been listening to our packaging machine customers for more than twenty years, you won’t be surprised that we’ve had a steady stream of innovative ideas. But rather than us telling you about them, we thought you would prefer hearing it from people like you: our customers.

bolci chocolate fcard misc

Automation with robotics increases production by 40% at BOLÇİ

Turkish chocolate manufacturer BOLÇİ needed to meet its promise of delivering chocolate products that are ‘untouched by human hand’. Omron and Innovas joined forces to commission a line of three Omron robots in the packaging section of the factory’s production line, with the aim of enhancing production quality and reducing labour costs.

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Interesting to Read

Interested in the latest developments? Visit our news blogs for current updates!

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Affordable automation: Leasing cobots and mobile robots for flexibility on the factory floor

4. marts 2021 In line with the move to Industry 4.0, an increasing number of manufacturers are turning to automation as a way of streamlining processes and boosting productivity. A key aspect of this is the use of robots, often working alongside people in the factory. However, many companies might be reluctant to invest in additional automation, particularly following the economic difficulties presented by COVID-19. For manufacturers looking for an affordable solution, cost structures with leasing options are being implemented as an option to allow adaptability on the factory floor.

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OMRON Packaging Application: Load & unload process

The first step to transform your manufacturing lines is to optimize your load & unload process. Furthermore, to evaluate how it impacts the performance of your operations at an enterprise, line and machine level.

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