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High-performance color mark sensor

E3S-DC provides reliable color mark detection for standard as well as challenging applications, especially registration marks in packaging.

  • Capability to distinguish slight color differences
  • Fast response time of 50 μs
  • Bank switching up to 9 memories
  • RGB data transmission function
  • Easy configuration by teach button or IO-link
  • IO-link V1.1 communication and functionalities
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information


Sensing method


Connection method

Sensing distance


Baud rate1

Order code

(mark detection)


M12 connector

10±3 mm












Sensing method

Diffuse-reflective (mark detection)








Sensing distance

10±3 mm (White paper 10 ×10 mm)

Spot size (reference value)

1 × 4 mm

Light source (wavelength)

Red LED (635 nm), Green LED (525 nm), Blue LED (465 nm)

Power supply voltage

10 to 30 VDC±10% (Ripple (p-p) 10% max.)

Protection circuits

Power supply reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit protection and output incorrect connection protection

Response time

Operate or reset: 50 µs max. for each (2-point teaching mode)

Operate or reset: 150 µs max. for each (1-point teaching mode)

Ambient temperature range

Operating: −10 to 55°C; Storage: −25 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)

Degree of protection

IEC 60529 IP67



Diecast zinc (nickel-plated brass)


Methacrylic resin (PMMA)






Diecast zinc (nickel-plated brass)

Main IO-Link functions

  • Operation mode switching between NO and NC
  • Timer function of the control output and timer time selecting function (Select a function from disabled, ON delay, OFF delay, one-shot or ON/OFF delay.) (Select a timer time of 1-5000 ms.)
  • Selecting function of ON delay timer time for instability (0 (disabled)-1000 ms)
  • Monitor output function (PD output indicating a relative detection quantity)
  • Energizing time read-out function (unit: h)
  • Initialize the settings function “Restore the factory settings”


Communication specifications

IO-Link specification

Version 1.1


Baud rate

E3S-DCP21-IL3: COM3 (230.4 kbps), E3S-DCP21-IL2: COM2 (38.4 kbps)


Data length

PD size: 8 bytes, OD size: 1 byte (M-sequence type: TYPE_2_2)


Minimum cycle time

E3S-DCP21-IL3 (COM3): 1.5 ms, E3S-DCP21-IL2 (COM2): 4.8 ms




1. Refer to Specifications for the baud rate.

1. Refer to Specifications for the baud rate.

Performance comparison

Registration mark detection

The packaging material used in many packaging machines is very often delivered in rolls and has to be cut and positioned accurately. In order to avoid waste and errors and to compensate for environmental influences, a registration mark (usually black or in a colour that provides maximum contrast to the background) is added to the packaging material.

The goal of any mark sensor development is to reliably detect these registration marks even in changing environmental conditions. A particular challenge is the frequent exchange of packaging materials and the continuously changing packaging designs.

At Omron we closely work together with leading packaging machine makers to evaluate the requirements for sensors from commonly used packaging material as well as most critical designs or materials. In addition the performance requirements vary according to the overall machine value concept

Solution portfolio

Complex shape and position detection and synchronized quality inspection.

For positioning and machine synchronisation tasks e.g. requiring the recognition of words or symbols, the shape, position detection functionalities of the vision sensors and systems can be set up to provide solutions for the most complex and challenging tasks. The vision systems can also detect the registration mark and perform position and quality inspections at the same time.

  • FQ2 - Simply guided and crystal clear
  • Xpectia-Lite - Performance in touch with simplicity

proplus long prod

Challenging designs or colour marks

Objects with complex designs or where the contrast between print mark and background is low, require sensors that allow an easy adaption to the specific requirements of the particular task.

  • Amplifiers with digital value displays and advanced signal evaluation functions for application optimised settings
  • Wide range of sensing heads fitting the application and distance requirements
  • White LED, RGB ratio comparison and extended functionality

color mark sensors teaser 373x140 prod

Standard print mark detection

For print marks most commonly used in the packaging and printing industry, the contrast sensors with white LED have an optimised light intensity and RGB ratio evaluation algorithm ensuring a stable and fast detection.

  • Compact housing concept for high flexibility in machine design
  • Fast response time of 50 μs
  • Autoteach and white LED
For more information go to E3ZM-V

lite long prod


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